The white dudes and sprinkling of others who are in power don't want you to have time for play, they want you to aspire to their psycho version of masculinity, they craft the storylines of our dreams from the casting couch, they choose only delicate waify women wearing hooker heals to be leading women, they pair old grizzled men with younger partners who never age, they approve which commercials go to air, they approve which images get printed on packaging. But the men who consume and role play these identities are mostly not powerful.

What to do? How to fight? It's not just reaching out on an individual level. The very idea that there is an individual level solution is part of the lie. It's neat and tidy and it's your fucking fault. I don't know if there are good resources for boys to build solidarity with other groups and form empowering identities. Maybe if I didn't have a son I could just tune out. I find it hard to even come up with terms that I will use to tell him which identities to try on. It's hard not to strike a tone that sounds like false victim marketing. Pieces of shit like Bill O'Reilly have made themselves ungodly wealthy by selling rabid victimhood to white men.

How do I prepare my son? What academic works are there to help me find the words? What is the field of research even called? There's feminism but no maleism.