Baby humans are never quite so fascinated with a toy, or some other artifact of human artifice, as they are when they discover the absconding backside of that toy. The underside where screws and utilitarian parts of extruded plastic betray the fantasy. The tag on which manic safety warnings threaten possible futures. The glasses on daddy's face, which correct his poor vision. The underside of the television remote, where a plastic kangaroo pocket opens, and reveals the batteries inside.

How things are made, and how things are engineered, are much more fascinating to babies than the fantasy that a toy represents: a giraffe, a musical turtle, a real keyboard! I'm not saying that babies won't gladly play with these toys and enjoy it. Babies will in fact enjoy the shit out of almost any toy, at least during the honeymoon period of that toy. BUT there will always come the day when the baby finds what doesn't belong, and is fascinated by it. Not entertained, but fascinated. There is a difference.